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Invisible Man (The Remixes) CD (2024)

Invisible Man (The Remixes) CD (2024)


What started off as a quick post on Twitter, thinking it may get 1 or 2 responses....ending up as a monster remix album featuring 18 artists and 18 tracks....the original Invisible Man single by Chris Boddington, 16 incredible remixes by some amazing independent artists and an Outro track to finish it all off


1. Invisible Man (Chris Boddington Original)

2. Silent Tourist Remix

3. Antman Ant Remix

4. Neon Radiation Remix

5. Odd Wall Remix

6. Citylightz Remix

7. Ole Phil Remix

8. Reskinned Remix

9. Planet Robot Remix

10.Crazy Forces Remix

11. Love Is Enough Remix

12. Western Jaguar Remix

13. Kiffie Remix

14. Shadow Of Light Remix

15. Lost Signal Remix

16. Louisa/Most Epic Dream Remix

17. Sound Shallows Remix

18. Outro (Chris Boddington)

Released: 31st May 2024
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